Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I stand at the edge of the canyon
Admiring it’s vast and grand beauty
I am humbled by it’s greatness
For I am but a Dot.
I am a Dot and so are you.

To put it in perspective:
The period at the end of your life sentence
The decimal dividing your sense.
A moment in a few billion years
A drop of water in the ocean
A grain of sand in the desert
A fragment of universal energy

Together dots can form an image
You can see it when a picture is enlarged too big
As we live on this earth right now
We are forming our collective image
Our light selves and our shadow selves
We write our history, our speck of time

We have free will with our “dotness”
All of us
Every single human being
Red, yellow, black, brown or white
We choose what we want to do

We can celebrate hate and hold grudges
We can suffer, lament and blame others for our demise
And be lazy and wait for life to come to us
We can choose to wallow in our own darkness
We can choose LOVE
Love fully with open hearts and open minds
With kindness and understanding
Forgiveness and respect - embracing our differences  
We can enjoy a full and productive life
Open our eyes and see our own beautiful light

Today I choose LOVE
For I am a Dot and free to choose
And so are you

© Sherry Irvine – May 4, 2011

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