Friday, September 2, 2011


Chirp!   Chirp!   Chirp!

Crickets in the bushes
Crickets in the grass
Happy chirping voices
Singing songs that last

They sing in perfect unison
Their melodies are light
Singing like a gospel choir
All throughout the night

Except for one little cricket
He is different than the rest
He sings a special song for me
And truly….he’s the best

His voice is a little deeper
His song is loud and clear
He sings it rather slowly
This message for me to hear

He says to me

Slow down Miss Sherry….just a little bit
Don’t worry – everything is fine
You are where you should be
And you’re in perfect time

What’s the rush?  Bah!
Let your big blue voice be heard
Dare to be different from the rest
Your destiny is your words.

Thank you Holy Cricket for the message so divine



To open the eyes
To the darkness
Is to see the truth

It envelopes you
This darkness.
Do not fear it

Just acknowledge it
With love and light

What do you see?
The flaws of another?
These are yours too

Embrace it
Understand it
Our lessons of love

Just acknowledge it
With love and light

Open your eyes
To the darkness
And seek your truth

Look at ALL the beauty
In everything you see
In everything you hear

Open your heart
Your entire being
Until it overflows

With love and light

Love each other
Love our differences
Just Love.

© Sherry Irvine - September  2, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011



A wise and lovely lady
Came very close to me
Her long eight legs
Elegantly beckoning me

She was black and beautiful
And of the insect type
Her web was red and curly
While weaving in the light

She whispered very softly
Upon my blue third eye
A very gentle reminder
Please do not be shy

She told me to

Practice what you love
The rest will come in time
Don’t worry about a thing
Chill with a glass of wine

Capture a stolen moment
A special thought or two
You know exactly what
You're supposed to do

Write about the flowers
And the wild sea
Write about the lovers
In the photos that you see

Spin a tale of your own
Of happiness, love or woes
Write about your passions
Waiting to be told

Shine your light
Polish it with love
You are a creator
Just be yourself and it will set you free

Sherry Irvine - September 1, 2011