Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Truth About Lies and Addiction

Dedicated to those who have family members with addictions. 
It is heartbreaking to watch a family self-destruct. 

The truth of your perception
Is your story -- your conception
Speaking to me you casually mention
And I listen in polite attention
My heart aborbing in reception
My salty tears are the reaction
I believe your lies -- your deception
All your words....and their destruction

Many hearts are broken in your wake
As you attempt to save your grace
Instead the tears run down my face
Substance abuse has ruined your fate
Please get help for heaven's sake
It's you and your family's lives at stake
It doesn't matter that you've been fake
As you sleep inside that bed you make

The truth is skewed by your drunken haze
As you wander about inside your maze
Your thoughts have  become your stupid craze
They crash your truth like a tsunami wave
Until you can admit your alcoholic rage
All will stay the same -- nothing will change
The people you love the most will move away
And you'll be left with lies and lonely days

All is not lost, there is too much to gain
Take a good hard look at all your pain
All the tears that are causing your rain
The hurt, the nonsense inside your brain
Addiction is brutal - don't be ashamed
Stop the abuse now....just please refrain
Find your lives on Redemption Lane
©Sherry Irvine – March 26, 2011
IMAGE CREDIT:  Google Free Images

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