Monday, October 28, 2013

The Elegant Dragon and The Beautiful Bird

Photo Credit:  other stuff my kid loves - tumblr

A long time ago,
Where the white river runs
Lived an elegant dragon
Elegantly named ….Ty E. Rion

He was dressed in the finest
Blue silk and gold thread
Complete with a lacy white ruff
He held a gold scepter - for balance I read

His ears flapped like wings
His face was all wrinkled
His breath smelled like camp fire
His eyes how they twinkled

His nails were all polished
And sharpened with care
Any hair that he had was
Taken care of with Nair

Now, the elegant Ty E. Rion
Was and a bit selfish, was he
He had grown up in grandeur
In a rich kingdom you see

Out in the woods, he went one day
And he heard a beautiful song
He knew he had to have it
But he knew to take it was wrong

He spied upon the beautiful bird
Who sang that beautiful song
A waterfall sprang from his golden eyes
And he let out a great big sob

A river of tears flowed steadily
Down his great big cheeks
He quickly reached out and grabbed her 
And she let out a "tweet-squeak-tweet"

He imprisoned her selfishly
In a small golden cage
She would sing only for him
While he ate, drank and played

So she sang the songs of sorrow
Oh he loved that sweet voice
But his heart felt a burden
And he knew he had no choice

He released her from the golden cage
As gently as a dragon could
And to his utter and sheer delight
It was then he understood

Her song was loud, it was brilliant
As sweet as the morning sun
He realized her beautiful songs
Were meant to be enjoyed….
By everyone

© Sherry Carter Irvine – October 28, 2013

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