Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Think Tank #37 -- All in a Days Work


A lemon's work is never done

Squeeze me over white fish
Or your add me to your sauce
I can dress up your salad
To make it special – I promise

We can't forget the baked goods
Yummy lemon meringue pie
Lemon pudding and lemon cake
and the extra weight upon your thighs! 

Gum drops, hard candy, lemon jellies
Lollipops, lemon sours
Lemon chocolate, lemon bombs
It's the lemon candy hour!

I get twisted in martinis
Or added to a punch
You can also spike my lemonade
But not at a working lunch

Interior Decorator
Put us in a large glass bowl
All my friends and me
We make a lovely centerpiece
And look great at your fancy party

To make you feel human
You'd squeeze me in hot water
Crush an aspirin and sweeten with honey
A recipe from my grandmother

House Maid
To cut through tough messes
Here’s what you should do
Add me to some water
And I will clean for you


Now where's that martini?

Listening to the Sunset

Green, yellow, red and black
These are the colours of Jamaica
Guitar, drums and voice
Playing old Bob Marley songs
As the sun sets in the west

The clouds are shaped like an angel's wings
As the sun dips below her heart
This magical moment on the beach
The last sunset before we depart

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Beach - Poet's Rally #38

I love the sound of water
Lap lap lapping the shore
It's tiny white fingerlings
Tickling the wave before

I read the lovers messages
Scratched into the sand
So and So LOVES so and so
A woman and a man

As I walk, I feel the sand
Squishing between my toes
Nature's perfect pedicure
For all that ails the sole

I hear the children laughing
As they play upon the sand
Making fancy sandcastles
With their skillful little hands

The beach is a sacred place
Where familes come to play
The water lap lap lapping
All their troubles away.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

They Call Me Ugli

They may call me Ugli
I ignore what they may say
Inside counts without a doubt
I’m beautiful inside and out

Look at me – I’m beautiful
Freshly plucked and fresh
Fingers eagerly remove my peel
My inner sweetness revealed

I’m opened wide for all to see
She puts me in her mouth
Bursting inside like a solar eclipse
She tastes my juice upon her lips

Come Dine With Me

Mag 53 - inspiration picture provided by

Welcome to my dinner party....come in, come in....have a seat.

The table is set with my special flair
Candles on the table everywhere
Red modern plates with my antique silverware
The table adorned with lovely stemware
Flowers in a vase - just over there
Tonight for dinner....a classic English fare

Roast beef cooked to a medium rare
Yorkshire pudding made with great care
Potatoes and gravy and vegetables to share
Tea and sweets if you dare
All these aromas filling up the evening air

We bow our heads in a thankful prayer

"Thank you for this bountiful meal and the wonderful friends who are at this affair"

"Could someone please pass me the salt?.....the crystal shaker with the pointy face....
yes that's it.........thank you!"


Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday's Child #33 - It's your Party

Inspiration prompt - Poetry United - Monday's Child #33 -

I made this cake
Especially for you

I put on my apron
and decorated it nice
Full of pink sugar
and lots of spice

Now lets sing
a pretty song
Short and tweet
and not too long

Sherry Irvine - February 14, 2011

Morning Surprise

It is early in the morning
Maybe six o’clock I’d say
The beach is rather quiet
Except for the crashing waves

I slowly remove my bathing suit
My nakedness exposed to the air
I walk into the warm water
Balmy breezes tousling my hair

The water circles my ankles
It quickly reaches my knees
Until I can stand it no longer
I let the water wash all over me

The water covers my body
It caresses my weary soul
I languish in its peacefulness
Until it’s time for me to go

Out of the water and into a towel
I lay now upon my chaise
Soaking in the morning sun
Enjoying each single ray

My eyes are closed, I feel the heat
A gentle breath against my face
And then a presence very large
Is invading my private space

I open my eyes with a startle
There is a unicorn close to my face
She speaks to me in her special talk
Her name is Redeeming Grace

“I’ll take you for a magical ride
Upon this sun-kissed beach
I’ll show you things you’ve never seen
Come, come…..come ride with me”

Next I know I’m on her back
We’re galloping along the sand
She spreads her wings across the sky
As colourful as a rainbow band

Through the mountains and across the land
My arms wrapped around her neck
I see candy apple and licorice trees
The islands but a speck

I see boats afar with colourful sails
The water and sky so blue
I am enjoying my ride with Redeeming Grace
But sadly it’s time to go

She sets me down upon the ground
In a soft and gentle way
I give her a hug and kiss her goodbye
What a beautiful way to start my day

I lay now upon my chaise
Soaking in the morning sun
Enjoying each single ray
Thank you Redeeming Grace – that was so much fun.

© Sherry Irvine – February 14, 2010

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Think Tank #34 - Last Will and Testament


Provided I have left after my man
And seeing as I can no longer stand
I’m taking my dirt nap because I’m dead
Whatever is left shall be equally divided

I have 2 kids - this prose will make them laugh
but seriously though - what exactly is one half?
I would expect it means divided by two
Even and fair like a chocolate fondue

Take a brand new piece of chalk
Listen closely  – don’t you mock
Now draw a straight line - right down the middle
Teehee teehee – you’re both so fickle!

One would get the cushions
The other would get the frame
I know----I know
You think I’m insane

The bathtub is his -- the vanity is hers
Breaking the mirror is bad luck for years
Splitting the toilet means renting a saw
Why not put your names in the hat for a draw?

I suggest one can have the mattress
At least one could have some rest
While the other can have the box spring
And the comfort it won't bring.

This should be easy – as easy as pie
She gets my dishwasher – he’s easy on the eyes
My son – well he can have the comical stove
The one that’s pink and purple and mauve

And last but not least….

How would one divide up the family cat?
It would be very rude to cut him in half
Not to mention it would be very gross
If he doesn't shuddup though - it will be Adios.


This concludes my silly poem
It makes no sense - I should probably go home
This Will and Testament is NOT set in stone
And please be advised….the stove can be loaned J

© Sherry Irvine – February 3, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shopping in 1792

Mag 51 - inspiration picture provided by

I’m taking a stroll down the cobblestone street
Who knows what I’ll see….who I will meet
I have a few coins to spend with free will
My basket in hand, is ready to fill

The cobblestone street is lined with shops
The Milner, the book store and the sweet shop
I admire the hats, the books, and gum drops
As I make my way to the stationery shop

Inside the stationery store is a different world
I put in my order and hand it to the shop girl
Some handmade paper, ink, quills and more
I have poetry to write….and music to score

I hand her a few coins, and go out the door
To a wonderful place I just adore
I make my way down the cobblestone street
To another place that makes my heart beat

Sausage filled pastries, cookies and bread
The smells of the bakery fills my head
Flour, yeast, water and a small lump of lard
A tiny pinch of salt – it’s not that hard

The baker combines it and kneads it well
Puts it in the oven until it smells
I buy two loafs of the freshly baked bread
“Have a good day” I shyly said

Now I’m back on the cobblestone street
A few pennies left for a couple of treats
To the Sweet Shop for Turkish Delights
And then back home before it turns night

It was a good day on the cobblestone street
People were shopping, the sales were sweet
I’m now at home, enjoying a hot cup of tea
Shall we share some bread?  You and me?

© Sherry Irvine – February 1, 2011