Friday, February 18, 2011

The Beach - Poet's Rally #38

I love the sound of water
Lap lap lapping the shore
It's tiny white fingerlings
Tickling the wave before

I read the lovers messages
Scratched into the sand
So and So LOVES so and so
A woman and a man

As I walk, I feel the sand
Squishing between my toes
Nature's perfect pedicure
For all that ails the sole

I hear the children laughing
As they play upon the sand
Making fancy sandcastles
With their skillful little hands

The beach is a sacred place
Where familes come to play
The water lap lap lapping
All their troubles away.


  1. Absolutely delightful. I loved it.

  2. magical sentiments,
    dreamy imagery,

    love your entry, Happy Rally.

    let us know after you are done 18 commeniting.

  3. very nice! here's my wk 38..

  4. Lovely poem! So carefree and the awesome flow of words... I wish I could be there now ;)

  5. Delightful ! Loved it.. thanks for the walk on the beach.

  6. Great poem! Makes me want to go to the shore RIGHT NOW! I really like the pedicure part! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. I loved this! So easy and carefree! The descriptions were real too, I could relate with the kids playing, the sights, sounds, even the waves....
    I'm happy I dropped by Sherry, this poem is really nice...

  8. As I walk, I feel the sand
    Squishing between my toes
    Nature's perfect pedicure
    For all that ails the sole...

    I share this sentiment, find the ocean so healing. Nice write, here, Sherry; and thanks for your good wishes. Healing has begun!

  9. Well, looks like my first attempt at comment was lost in the ether.

    Here goes again:

    This perfectly evokes the beach experience. Enjoyed. Thanks!

    Hope you will join us for Jingle Poetry, Poetry Potluck tonight -

    See you there. Yes?

  10. The beach is so calming, the breezes blowing, the lap, lap, lapping of the waves, sand between the toes. Very nicely done.

  11. sounds like a great time!! god, does this remind me how bad a need a vacation...
    thanks for checkin out my blog!!

  12. So bubbly and happy! I definitely enjoy sitting at the beach and letting the waves lap lap lap my troubles away. :)

  13. pedicure for what ails the sole. :-) Fun line. Thanks for visiting I enjoyed having you! Stop by again!

  14. nice. i love the sounds and feelings this evokes...a delightful read...

  15. Ah, the beach! It's my sanctuary. "The sound of water lap lap lapping the shore" is a very soothing sound. And this is a soothing piece.

  16. So simple, so profound. Love it. :)

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