Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Cardboard Box

I live inside a cardboard box
This box is my little world
My box is brown and has six sides
For which I am the reigning Earl

I decorate my box with bobbles
And lights and other things
I love that sense of well-being
And the comfort that it brings

I never go outside the box
I’m afraid of what I might see
I only know what goes on in here
And from the images on TV

What would happen if I cut a hole
A window, a door or skylight
I wonder exactly what I would see
Do you think it would be alright?

I’m sure it will so I give it a try
I carefully cut a hole in the top
Trembling slightly with a little fear
I’ve come too far to stop

As the piece of roof top fell
Something amazing happens
A bright light shines inside my world
And becomes my new best friend

Curious now, I thirst for more
So I hoist myself right outside
The sites are quite astonishing
The tears well in my eyes

Waterfalls, rivers and mountains
Trees, grass and gardens of flowers
Birds and animals and insects too
Sunshine, clouds and rainbow showers

I need to look outside my box
To understand more than what I see
It’s more beautiful than I ever imagined
This growing knowledge inside of me

I live inside a cardboard box
This box is my little world
The box is now lit on all six sides
And I'm a happy girl

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