Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Think Tank #33 - Fire in your Heart

IMAGE CREDIT:  POETS UNIT - Thursday Think Tank #33

A fire burns within your heart
As I hold you in my hand
Your spicy heat is sexy
As I caress your silky skin

Your seed is hot against my lips
Our love should be forbidden
Your passion makes my heart burn
And tears fall from my eyes

I quiver with the thought of it
You make me love you more
Our hearts are beating faster
I need to catch my breath



2 TBSP finely chopped onion
2 small cloves of garlic
3 large ripe tomatoes chopped, peel & seeds removed
2 hot chile peppers
2 TBSP cilantro chopped
2 TBSP lime juice
salt and pepper to taste

© Sherry Irvine – January 27, 2011


  1. Oh you litle sneak! Ha! Peppers. She's writing about peppers!

  2. Sherry, I live in Mexico and while reading this
    I thought of chili peppers, but then I thought, no, it is about a passionate love. Then I saw the recipe. Very cleverly done.

  3. Clever, seductively smart and spicy~ Well Done~

  4. Very spicy! And, dud that I am, I needed the explanation to get it!

  5. Lol - very clever, loved it! and the recipe is an added bonus. :-)

  6. I too began with feelings that I should be reading this in a dark room while holding a flashlight. Nicely done :)

  7. Even though I knew,
    This just couldn't be true,
    I was waiting to see,
    If this was gonna be spicy,
    Now I'll just have to cool,
    I, too, was a fool,
    You chose to inspire,
    By setting hearts on fire.

    Thanks for the recipe and the heartburn.

  8. Looks like you had us all fooled at first, me included, with the initial imagery! Great write.