Saturday, August 11, 2012


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Have you ever met your darker self?
The lowest part of you?
What do you do? What do you say? 
“Hey there! How are you?”

Today I met a murderer
The killer inside of me
Yelling, screaming, hollering
A person I thought not to be

You’re looking at me innocently
Living the life that you know
Your hungry belly grumbles
In search of food you go

Your eyes are shining brightly
As your spirit meets with mine
Except that you’re not welcome
In my home at anytime

My animal instinct ignites
As I bash you in the head
You try to get away from me
And soon you will be dead

You should have gone inside the trap
The best and most humane
But it didn’t work that way
And now you face the pain

The meatloaf pan is crashing
As I hear my inner voice
“I do not want to kill you
But you know I have no choice!”

You have invaded my home
With your presence and disease
I have to protect my family
With regret, you meet the killer in me

I watch you take your last breath
I am shaking with naked fear
I did not want to kill you
And I shed a guilty tear

Perhaps you had a message
 I am not deaf to your words
So I thank you for the lesson
Under circumstances absurd

Goodbye little spirit
Could you also warn your kin?
Because if you do not do so
It will be a war they will not win

Today I met my lower self
The killer inside of me
The animal who I never thought
Would ever come to be
©Sherry Irvine – August 11, 2012

And where were you when I needed you?