Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shopping in 1792

Mag 51 - inspiration picture provided by http://magpietales.blogspot.com/

I’m taking a stroll down the cobblestone street
Who knows what I’ll see….who I will meet
I have a few coins to spend with free will
My basket in hand, is ready to fill

The cobblestone street is lined with shops
The Milner, the book store and the sweet shop
I admire the hats, the books, and gum drops
As I make my way to the stationery shop

Inside the stationery store is a different world
I put in my order and hand it to the shop girl
Some handmade paper, ink, quills and more
I have poetry to write….and music to score

I hand her a few coins, and go out the door
To a wonderful place I just adore
I make my way down the cobblestone street
To another place that makes my heart beat

Sausage filled pastries, cookies and bread
The smells of the bakery fills my head
Flour, yeast, water and a small lump of lard
A tiny pinch of salt – it’s not that hard

The baker combines it and kneads it well
Puts it in the oven until it smells
I buy two loafs of the freshly baked bread
“Have a good day” I shyly said

Now I’m back on the cobblestone street
A few pennies left for a couple of treats
To the Sweet Shop for Turkish Delights
And then back home before it turns night

It was a good day on the cobblestone street
People were shopping, the sales were sweet
I’m now at home, enjoying a hot cup of tea
Shall we share some bread?  You and me?

© Sherry Irvine – February 1, 2011


  1. very enjoyable piece, full of the senses. Bookshops and bakeries are top of my list too!

  2. I truly enjoyed this! I immediately thought of Eliza Doolittle, queen of my all-time favorite musical.


  3. Lovely! I really felt like I was there, walking along side you :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sherry, an amazing atmosphere you created here, thanks for a journey a few centuries back. :)

  5. Sweet Mag! I enjoyed my shopping errands along the cobblestone street.

  6. I could smell the Sausage filled pastries, cookies and bread... excellent piece of writing.

  7. I want to be on this street! I can smell all of the delicious food and see all of the enticing things to buy. Great job!

  8. Ah..I enjoyed this one.Loved the walk with you

  9. A charming walk - what fun it was!

  10. Aaaaaah! I'd have loved a trip there myself. Sweetly nostalgic!