Monday, October 24, 2011


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Mother Earth’s heart beat
Like the rhythm of a drum
One two three four five
I close my eyes and listen
Her tempo in perfect time

© Sherry Irvine – October 24, 2011

Tanka style


I am a seed
Just like everyone else
Blinded by the darkness
In the soil that is my home

I am well taken care of
Watered with love
Nurtured with hugs
Waiting to grow

After a long long time
I finally begin to grow
First I grow a golden root
That reaches far into the earth

With my eyes still closed
I begin to feel and hear things
I hear a drum beating
I feel it singing inside me

I realize this is my heartbeat
After a long while of listening
To the song of my heart
I am overjoyed with love

I feel this warmth in the dark
I can feel it above my head
I struggle to make my way to it
And it slowly melts away my shell

With half an eye open now
My head pokes through the darkness
It is so very very bright
It’s warmth is so comforting

Every day I grow a bit more
Getting stronger and stronger
And before I know it
I am standing very tall
With my eyes fully open

I am bursting with happiness
For I have transformed
Into the beautiful flower
That I was always meant to be

© Sherry Irvine – October 24, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Long Time Lovers

They met in 1982
While smoking cigarettes
They really had no idea
That fate had planned the rest

They didn’t see each other
For a long long while
Both were crazy teenagers
Growing up through their trials

They wed in 1985
On a warm and sunny day
They vowed to love each other
Til the end of all their days

They had a son and daughter
Who grew up to be real fine
The years went by so quickly
They wondered about their time

So they did a little travelling
They owned their little home
They liked to walk on moonlit nights
And watch their grandkids grow

They listened to the rain fall
Enjoyed the snowy storms
Leaves blowing from the trees
And summer air was warm

They were best friends and lovers
Inseparable to the core
Every second sacred
They had everything and more

Then she became sick at 82
She started to forget
He held her hand until the end
Then she was laid to rest

He was an old man at 85
His heart it would not mend
One day he took his last breath
She was waiting for him at the end

But fate would have them meet again
While smoking cigarettes
They would have no idea
That fate had planned the rest

© Sherry Irvine – October 12, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011


Chirp!   Chirp!   Chirp!

Crickets in the bushes
Crickets in the grass
Happy chirping voices
Singing songs that last

They sing in perfect unison
Their melodies are light
Singing like a gospel choir
All throughout the night

Except for one little cricket
He is different than the rest
He sings a special song for me
And truly….he’s the best

His voice is a little deeper
His song is loud and clear
He sings it rather slowly
This message for me to hear

He says to me

Slow down Miss Sherry….just a little bit
Don’t worry – everything is fine
You are where you should be
And you’re in perfect time

What’s the rush?  Bah!
Let your big blue voice be heard
Dare to be different from the rest
Your destiny is your words.

Thank you Holy Cricket for the message so divine



To open the eyes
To the darkness
Is to see the truth

It envelopes you
This darkness.
Do not fear it

Just acknowledge it
With love and light

What do you see?
The flaws of another?
These are yours too

Embrace it
Understand it
Our lessons of love

Just acknowledge it
With love and light

Open your eyes
To the darkness
And seek your truth

Look at ALL the beauty
In everything you see
In everything you hear

Open your heart
Your entire being
Until it overflows

With love and light

Love each other
Love our differences
Just Love.

© Sherry Irvine - September  2, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011



A wise and lovely lady
Came very close to me
Her long eight legs
Elegantly beckoning me

She was black and beautiful
And of the insect type
Her web was red and curly
While weaving in the light

She whispered very softly
Upon my blue third eye
A very gentle reminder
Please do not be shy

She told me to

Practice what you love
The rest will come in time
Don’t worry about a thing
Chill with a glass of wine

Capture a stolen moment
A special thought or two
You know exactly what
You're supposed to do

Write about the flowers
And the wild sea
Write about the lovers
In the photos that you see

Spin a tale of your own
Of happiness, love or woes
Write about your passions
Waiting to be told

Shine your light
Polish it with love
You are a creator
Just be yourself and it will set you free

Sherry Irvine - September 1, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Song

1942 - Leonard Farrell (guitar) and Victor (fiddle)

The young man has a passion
Yet he cannot read a note
But he picks up the old guitar
And sings some words he wrote

He strums gently on her strings
His fingers know where to go
He picks the notes with ease
To match those words of woe

She left me for another
And it wasn’t another man
She chose the bottle over me
And now I will be damned

She drank me out of house and home
Took my money, now I'm broke
She took the dog and left the kids
And I sing with this sore throat

How could she do this to me?
She’s gone and tore me apart
We’re supposed to be together
But instead she broke my heart

We used to like to take long drives
Back then she was carefree
The world was new and ours to take
And now it’s the drink she sees

What about our little Leonard?
And our Sally-May?
She is the mother of our children
Now what am I to say?

She left me for another
And it wasn’t another man
She chose the bottle over me
And now I will be damned

A young fellow with a fiddle
Accompanies his song
Together they create a masterpiece
That's not too short or long

Together they attract a crowd
And they listen to what he sings
They can hear his broken heart
And the sorrow that it brings

Their toes are tappin’
The crowd is clappin’ and
Singing the words he wrote
About the girl who left him
For the bottle and a smoke

She left me for another
And it wasn’t another man
She chose the bottle over me
And now I will be damned

©Sherry Irvine – August 28, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dark Night

Image Credit:  Google Free Images (labelled for reuse)

Batman, my son
Don’t fight the dark night
Go to sleep now
Everything is alright

There will always be jokers
And riddles to solve
Don’t lose your sleep
In the morning resolve

Some lovers are poison
Like ivy on the wall
Freezing your heart
Some two-faced and tall

Yet others will purr
Like a catwoman sings
Some cute as the penguins
On a warm day in spring

Dress yourself fine
Unlike a scarecrow
Remove the mad hatter
It’s not your bane you know

“It’s not who you are underneath
It’s what you do that defines you”
You know the truth
And the truth is you.

© Sherry Irvine – June 14, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

An Ode to Rob

I'm Geooooorgie, I am a Cat
I'm brown and like to chat
I'm loud and love a pat
I'm George and I'm all dat

I'm so graceful and refined
My purr is loud and quite divine
I swing and swagger my big behind
I'm not too fussy where I dine

The poor little chippies
And poor little mice
An unfortunate rendezvous
Has cost them their life

Their feet and tails left on his mat
Where I have made a messy splat
I'm Geooooorgie, I am a Cat
I'm George and I'm all dat


I'm George and I'll sing my song
Mice and chippies don't belong
C'mon, c'mon, sing along
C'mon, I'm George and I'm singing a song
For you....Rob.

Meow!!!  Happy Father's Day!

I love you Rob xoxo

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fear Not

Fear not my child
Everything will be alright
I’ll wipe your tears
While I hold you tight

Weep not my child
Fear blurs your sight
I’ll wipe your tears
And you’ll see what’s right

Turn your face dear child
From the clouds and rain
I’ll wipe your tears
Take away your pain

The end is near
Tomorrow vs today
I’ll wipe your tears
And show you the way

Embrace the greatness
You’re meant to be
I’ll hold your hand
Just wait and see

Fear not my child
As you build your new life
I’ll hold your hand
Everything will be alright

© Sherry Irvine – June 6, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dance with Me?

Dance with Me?
You want to be my partner?
I can see – the music has started
You are calling
And I am smiling

I bet you dance with all the girls
No matter though, I’m still thrilled
Hold my hand, I'm with you now
Take the lead
Please show me how

Down the treasured garden path
Under the stars and moon
The music beats inside our chests
No matter what
When I'm with you I'm blessed

© Sherry Irvine – June 4, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Garden Fairies

There are fairies in my garden
They’re really rather small
I hear them whisper secrets
At my waterfall

Sometimes I hear them giggling
Amongst the bushes rose
Around the dogwood thicket
Tickling tiny toes

Grumpy gnomes are snoring
Inside their mushroom homes
Blushing girls and handsome boys
In their fancy clothes

They peer into my gazing balls
Up close with one big eye
Toothy grins and double chins
It seems they’re not too shy

She waltz’s with orange flowers
He salsas with impatiens
They rumba with the sunflowers
Staked along the fence

A young boy flirts with Coral Bells
He kisses her petals tender
She embraces his attentions
Until his love surrenders

They’re friendly to all the insects
They lead the choir of birds
They especially like my spider
That helps me write my words

Their pretty wings are fluttering
In the light of the golden sun
They spread their magic fairy dust
With exuberance and fun

The fairies live in my garden
How do I know they do?
As long as love resides there
They’re in your garden too.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

End of the Beginning

I keep hearing that this is
The Beginning of the End
 I’d like to challenge that.
We are being prepared for
The End of the Beginning?
A cleansing of the Earth’s soul
Exploding it’s fury but forgiving
To give us yet another chance
To end famine, war, hate
Pollution, crime and other human nonsense
Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires,
Erupting volcanoes and earthquakes
Were the only way that we could see
To notice with concern, pay attention
Learn to listen to Mother Earth
This is the end of an era
The end of what we know today?
We are evolving as humans
As we evolved from the Stone Age
Copper Age, Bronze and Iron
We are progressing into a community
Of loving, peaceful, respectful people
Kind, sharing and caring
We come together as people
Take care of each other
Enjoy each other’s presents
Appreciate all life
And all the things that make us great
The Earth is in labour
And it’s meant to be a bit painful
But all will be okay
Because what we get in the end
Is wonderful.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Morning Songs

Darling little Robin
It’s only 3:15
Too early in the morning
For you to start to sing

But alas it isn’t very long
Before your friends join in
Singing all the pretty songs
Before the night is gone

Good morning, good morning
It’s time to get up
The day is bright and fresh
Good morning, good morning
It’s time to get up
After your long night’s rest

Soon the Robin’s songs are done
But I am treated to some more
Mourning doves sing their songs
Their voices haunting but strong

Good morning, good morning
It’s time to get up
The sun is shining…. Hellooo…hellooo
Good morning, good morning
It’s time to get up...I'm talking to you

The morning songs are lovely
I listen to the chirps and cries
I'm charmed by the words they say
A perfect way to greet the day

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Cardboard Box

I live inside a cardboard box
This box is my little world
My box is brown and has six sides
For which I am the reigning Earl

I decorate my box with bobbles
And lights and other things
I love that sense of well-being
And the comfort that it brings

I never go outside the box
I’m afraid of what I might see
I only know what goes on in here
And from the images on TV

What would happen if I cut a hole
A window, a door or skylight
I wonder exactly what I would see
Do you think it would be alright?

I’m sure it will so I give it a try
I carefully cut a hole in the top
Trembling slightly with a little fear
I’ve come too far to stop

As the piece of roof top fell
Something amazing happens
A bright light shines inside my world
And becomes my new best friend

Curious now, I thirst for more
So I hoist myself right outside
The sites are quite astonishing
The tears well in my eyes

Waterfalls, rivers and mountains
Trees, grass and gardens of flowers
Birds and animals and insects too
Sunshine, clouds and rainbow showers

I need to look outside my box
To understand more than what I see
It’s more beautiful than I ever imagined
This growing knowledge inside of me

I live inside a cardboard box
This box is my little world
The box is now lit on all six sides
And I'm a happy girl