Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Come Dine With Me

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Welcome to my dinner party....come in, come in....have a seat.

The table is set with my special flair
Candles on the table everywhere
Red modern plates with my antique silverware
The table adorned with lovely stemware
Flowers in a vase - just over there
Tonight for dinner....a classic English fare

Roast beef cooked to a medium rare
Yorkshire pudding made with great care
Potatoes and gravy and vegetables to share
Tea and sweets if you dare
All these aromas filling up the evening air

We bow our heads in a thankful prayer

"Thank you for this bountiful meal and the wonderful friends who are at this affair"

"Could someone please pass me the salt?.....the crystal shaker with the pointy face....
yes that's it.........thank you!"



  1. Such a lovely dinner party... I struggled initially to find the rhythm, but then the second stanza showed my seat well... Love the rhyme scheme you were able to carry throughout the entire piece. Nice storyline.

    Love the added extras of all my favorite eats!

  2. Sherry,
    Do you have room for one more there?
    Lovely poem, scrumptious fare.

  3. I want Roast Beef for breakfast. Delicious!

  4. I am salivating! Great flow...I could almost feel the warmth and smell the food!

  5. delicious indeed.
    Thanks for the beautiful treat.

  6. Oh my. Wonderful ... so, it's going to be fattening reading your blog. ... Love Roast Beef and Yorkshires. And yes, the poem is very fine too ...