Friday, February 28, 2014

I Rest My Eyes Inside Your Soul

I rest my eyes inside your soul
And listen to your stories
Some are new and some are old
So many more yet to be told

I rest my eyes inside your soul
As you walk with Mother Earth
Across hot sands and wooded lands
So many moons ago

Your soul is filled with love and tears
Of a thousand births and deaths
Of war and peace, victories and defeat
The stories you tell my dear

Tired feet and blistered soles
Through many ages you've walked
A long way travelled as your story unravels
This journey of your soul

Your history recorded, happy or morbid
Lessons learned, each take their turn
Each negative and positive thought
Is everything that you are

You've come along way, embraced each day
For each step is divinely timed
Your heart whispers truth, may love be your fruit
May you be filled with joy, I pray.

© Sherry Carter Irvine – February 24, 2014

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Elegant Dragon and The Beautiful Bird

Photo Credit:  other stuff my kid loves - tumblr

A long time ago,
Where the white river runs
Lived an elegant dragon
Elegantly named ….Ty E. Rion

He was dressed in the finest
Blue silk and gold thread
Complete with a lacy white ruff
He held a gold scepter - for balance I read

His ears flapped like wings
His face was all wrinkled
His breath smelled like camp fire
His eyes how they twinkled

His nails were all polished
And sharpened with care
Any hair that he had was
Taken care of with Nair

Now, the elegant Ty E. Rion
Was and a bit selfish, was he
He had grown up in grandeur
In a rich kingdom you see

Out in the woods, he went one day
And he heard a beautiful song
He knew he had to have it
But he knew to take it was wrong

He spied upon the beautiful bird
Who sang that beautiful song
A waterfall sprang from his golden eyes
And he let out a great big sob

A river of tears flowed steadily
Down his great big cheeks
He quickly reached out and grabbed her 
And she let out a "tweet-squeak-tweet"

He imprisoned her selfishly
In a small golden cage
She would sing only for him
While he ate, drank and played

So she sang the songs of sorrow
Oh he loved that sweet voice
But his heart felt a burden
And he knew he had no choice

He released her from the golden cage
As gently as a dragon could
And to his utter and sheer delight
It was then he understood

Her song was loud, it was brilliant
As sweet as the morning sun
He realized her beautiful songs
Were meant to be enjoyed….
By everyone

© Sherry Carter Irvine – October 28, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Mystery of Tarot

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Tarot is simply the poetry of life
with all its ebbs and flows
It may uncover a naked truth
Of something we already know

It lights the dark skies inside
To be healed with love and light
Like a full moon shining brightly
In the darkness of the night

There are no secrets
There are no lies
The answers are revealed
As the cards advise

It’s messages are our lessons
The experiences of our life
As we walk and talk the path
Of good things and of strife

I can see it could feel scary
But my intention is dealt with love
For your highest healing
And wrapped in a loving hug

It could foresee the future
It does look at the past
It looks at all the wonders
You just have to ask.

©Sherry Irvine - January 16, 2013

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Saturday, August 11, 2012


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Have you ever met your darker self?
The lowest part of you?
What do you do? What do you say? 
“Hey there! How are you?”

Today I met a murderer
The killer inside of me
Yelling, screaming, hollering
A person I thought not to be

You’re looking at me innocently
Living the life that you know
Your hungry belly grumbles
In search of food you go

Your eyes are shining brightly
As your spirit meets with mine
Except that you’re not welcome
In my home at anytime

My animal instinct ignites
As I bash you in the head
You try to get away from me
And soon you will be dead

You should have gone inside the trap
The best and most humane
But it didn’t work that way
And now you face the pain

The meatloaf pan is crashing
As I hear my inner voice
“I do not want to kill you
But you know I have no choice!”

You have invaded my home
With your presence and disease
I have to protect my family
With regret, you meet the killer in me

I watch you take your last breath
I am shaking with naked fear
I did not want to kill you
And I shed a guilty tear

Perhaps you had a message
 I am not deaf to your words
So I thank you for the lesson
Under circumstances absurd

Goodbye little spirit
Could you also warn your kin?
Because if you do not do so
It will be a war they will not win

Today I met my lower self
The killer inside of me
The animal who I never thought
Would ever come to be
©Sherry Irvine – August 11, 2012

And where were you when I needed you?


Monday, October 24, 2011


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Mother Earth’s heart beat
Like the rhythm of a drum
One two three four five
I close my eyes and listen
Her tempo in perfect time

© Sherry Irvine – October 24, 2011

Tanka style


I am a seed
Just like everyone else
Blinded by the darkness
In the soil that is my home

I am well taken care of
Watered with love
Nurtured with hugs
Waiting to grow

After a long long time
I finally begin to grow
First I grow a golden root
That reaches far into the earth

With my eyes still closed
I begin to feel and hear things
I hear a drum beating
I feel it singing inside me

I realize this is my heartbeat
After a long while of listening
To the song of my heart
I am overjoyed with love

I feel this warmth in the dark
I can feel it above my head
I struggle to make my way to it
And it slowly melts away my shell

With half an eye open now
My head pokes through the darkness
It is so very very bright
It’s warmth is so comforting

Every day I grow a bit more
Getting stronger and stronger
And before I know it
I am standing very tall
With my eyes fully open

I am bursting with happiness
For I have transformed
Into the beautiful flower
That I was always meant to be

© Sherry Irvine – October 24, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Long Time Lovers

They met in 1982
While smoking cigarettes
They really had no idea
That fate had planned the rest

They didn’t see each other
For a long long while
Both were crazy teenagers
Growing up through their trials

They wed in 1985
On a warm and sunny day
They vowed to love each other
Til the end of all their days

They had a son and daughter
Who grew up to be real fine
The years went by so quickly
They wondered about their time

So they did a little travelling
They owned their little home
They liked to walk on moonlit nights
And watch their grandkids grow

They listened to the rain fall
Enjoyed the snowy storms
Leaves blowing from the trees
And summer air was warm

They were best friends and lovers
Inseparable to the core
Every second sacred
They had everything and more

Then she became sick at 82
She started to forget
He held her hand until the end
Then she was laid to rest

He was an old man at 85
His heart it would not mend
One day he took his last breath
She was waiting for him at the end

But fate would have them meet again
While smoking cigarettes
They would have no idea
That fate had planned the rest

© Sherry Irvine – October 12, 2011