Monday, April 11, 2011

The Wolf


Don’t be fooled by her sparkling blue eyes
Her soft, sweet manner, her woeful cries
She’s just as liable to scratch your eyes out
Bash your soul with a heavy handed clout

She’ll leave you with your heart torn to shreds
Nary an apology and no healing threads
She’ll eat you alive with her razor sharp words
In the black cauldron from whence they were stirred

Her tongue is sharp like a well honed knife
Stabbing you in your back as you walk your life
Her strong opinions are created out of pride
Ignorant, untruthful, full of gossip and lies

She refuses to face the reality of her destruction
Afterall this was your doing, your own construction
She sweeps the debris she created under the mat
Forgotten, unseen until the next time she snaps

She is intolerant when it comes to the drink
I understand this, but there’s much more to think
Sympathy, empathy, there’s a story to be told
Alcohol addiction is a terrible disease to hold

You may think this is an elderly affliction
Caused by age and brain deterioration
But I must insist this is certainly not the case
As a young woman she’s been running this race

You may think that these are all her flaws
The forked tongue, the outstretched claws
But really to me they are a bouquet of flowers
These are the shadows - the ones with the power

I make peace with the dark, embrace these shams
She is who she is - the opposite of The Lamb
She may be hurtful and she may be shrill
But my love is unconditional and love her I will

Copyright © Sherry Irvine - April 11, 2011

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  1. This is super cute piece.

    brilliant sentiment.