Monday, May 16, 2011

My Family Tree of Love

I wrap my arms around the tree
I feel it’s heartbeat inside of me
It’s love is growing as tall as can be
This beautiful tree growing inside of me

My tree is old but it still bears the fruit
The apples and oranges of human truth
It’s skin is wrinkled yet reflects my youth
Perfectly timed with my life’s commute

It’s roots run deep inside my earth
It drinks my love to ensure rebirth
This simple desire quenches my thirst
As my soul is bathed and rejoices mirth

It’s branches reach out to the sun and sky
It’s leaves gently waving hello and goodbye
Secret messages and meanings hidden inside
Each shapely leaf both narrow and wide

The leaves burst forth in the light of spring
In summer I love the shade that it brings
Bright colours fall when the leaves are dying
A blanket of snow for rest and renewing

My family and I reside inside this tree
This tree of love growing inside of me
Our state of minds refreshed from spiritual debris
Forever together we make our family tree.

©Sherry Irvine – May 16, 2011

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