Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old and Gray

Balding women and balding men
Gray or coloured and short again
A time ago it was their crowning cap
Bouffant, curly or slicked right back

Wrinkled skin and spotted faces
Aging inside their separate spaces
Each wrinkle represents their life
Some are happy, some with strife

The eyes are tired yet they are wise
Eyes that smile and eyes that cried
The eyes have seen some beautiful things
Births and deaths, the moments life brings

Pardon? Hello?  Some hard of hearing
Some confused, but still endearing
Speaking softly or speaking loud
It’s hard to tell, there's such a crowd

Backs are straight and some are bent
Some bodies lean and some are spent
Others bodies are obese and wide
What matters most is what’s inside

The careful movement of their walk
Slow and cautious and a bit distraught
Take my arm – I’ll help you – I’m strong
Some in wheelchairs pushed along

Every old person has a story to tell
Stories of love and stories that compel
Stories of compassion and of hard work
Jobs, children and passionate quirks

This is what I saw at the clinic today
A little glimpse of being old and gray
One day I’ll be there, just like them
So I wouldn’t forget - I picked up my pen.

© Sherry Irvine – May 25, 2011

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  1. Hey! Hey! What a fabulous piece with a cool ending! If I don't have a shopping note on me, I have inked hands to remind me of what I've to do/buy!