Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Morning Songs

Darling little Robin
It’s only 3:15
Too early in the morning
For you to start to sing

But alas it isn’t very long
Before your friends join in
Singing all the pretty songs
Before the night is gone

Good morning, good morning
It’s time to get up
The day is bright and fresh
Good morning, good morning
It’s time to get up
After your long night’s rest

Soon the Robin’s songs are done
But I am treated to some more
Mourning doves sing their songs
Their voices haunting but strong

Good morning, good morning
It’s time to get up
The sun is shining…. Hellooo…hellooo
Good morning, good morning
It’s time to get up...I'm talking to you

The morning songs are lovely
I listen to the chirps and cries
I'm charmed by the words they say
A perfect way to greet the day

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Cardboard Box

I live inside a cardboard box
This box is my little world
My box is brown and has six sides
For which I am the reigning Earl

I decorate my box with bobbles
And lights and other things
I love that sense of well-being
And the comfort that it brings

I never go outside the box
I’m afraid of what I might see
I only know what goes on in here
And from the images on TV

What would happen if I cut a hole
A window, a door or skylight
I wonder exactly what I would see
Do you think it would be alright?

I’m sure it will so I give it a try
I carefully cut a hole in the top
Trembling slightly with a little fear
I’ve come too far to stop

As the piece of roof top fell
Something amazing happens
A bright light shines inside my world
And becomes my new best friend

Curious now, I thirst for more
So I hoist myself right outside
The sites are quite astonishing
The tears well in my eyes

Waterfalls, rivers and mountains
Trees, grass and gardens of flowers
Birds and animals and insects too
Sunshine, clouds and rainbow showers

I need to look outside my box
To understand more than what I see
It’s more beautiful than I ever imagined
This growing knowledge inside of me

I live inside a cardboard box
This box is my little world
The box is now lit on all six sides
And I'm a happy girl

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Eyes Have It

A child's eyes so full of light
Innocent, pure, sweet delight
With wonder yet intelligent
Perfect love and so immense

The eyes are the window of the soul
Where all the lies and truths be told
Where tears of wounds and love are found
Of blue, of green, of violet or brown 

Then one day the light is replaced
With shadows of hurts we all must face
A few short years, it's not that long
The has light faded and then moved on

So we adapt and become who we are
Some of us fail and some become stars
We learn and we grow, that is our fate
Today contributes to our future state

One day when we are really old
The wisdom in those eyes that hold
Eyes are faded from their former glory
Another page written of our story

Human eyesight has betrayed us for sure
Memories blinded, others just blurred
Yet somehow we see better than ever
Appreciate life and all it's treasures

The eyes are tired and need a rest
Close them now, take the last breath
As the memories in our eyes fade away
The eyes of our spirit will light the way.

© Sherry Irvine – May 28, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old and Gray

Balding women and balding men
Gray or coloured and short again
A time ago it was their crowning cap
Bouffant, curly or slicked right back

Wrinkled skin and spotted faces
Aging inside their separate spaces
Each wrinkle represents their life
Some are happy, some with strife

The eyes are tired yet they are wise
Eyes that smile and eyes that cried
The eyes have seen some beautiful things
Births and deaths, the moments life brings

Pardon? Hello?  Some hard of hearing
Some confused, but still endearing
Speaking softly or speaking loud
It’s hard to tell, there's such a crowd

Backs are straight and some are bent
Some bodies lean and some are spent
Others bodies are obese and wide
What matters most is what’s inside

The careful movement of their walk
Slow and cautious and a bit distraught
Take my arm – I’ll help you – I’m strong
Some in wheelchairs pushed along

Every old person has a story to tell
Stories of love and stories that compel
Stories of compassion and of hard work
Jobs, children and passionate quirks

This is what I saw at the clinic today
A little glimpse of being old and gray
One day I’ll be there, just like them
So I wouldn’t forget - I picked up my pen.

© Sherry Irvine – May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Everything is so bright and green
After the rain, refreshed and clean
Open buds during morning glory
The winter's past it's final fury

See the sun shine over the land
Smiling across the faces of man
Rejoice the happiness of the day
For all there is and all to say

The night time sky is starry and clear
Free from the clouds so far yet near
I make a wish upon a sparkling star
The one thats near but yet so far.

© Sherry Irvine – May 24, 2011

WHAT IF.....

A backpack filled
Blood has spilled
People can’t hear
They only see fear
A human insane
Has caused the rain
What we have seen
Seems so extreme
Hearts are sad
People get mad

WHAT IF I suggested
These souls that are “dead”
Made a pact with the One
To show us the work
That needs to be done
To wake us
To shake us
Look deeper than blood
The flower IS inside the bud

WHAT IF it means
We'd be free
Together as One community
To protect each other
To fix our errors
Renewed, refreshed
Take a deep breath
Surrounded by love
From the One above
Open our eyes
Look deep inside
We are not perfect
So much to correct
We are human
And we should act like One

WHAT IF we gathered
With love abound
Hear the sounds
See the light
Forget the fight
Open our hearts
It’s a start
Forgive the pain
Enjoy the mundane
Take care of each other
Like sisters and brothers

What would it be like?
A life without strife...
Food to eat
A place to sleep
Wars have ceased
Replaced with peace
We are One as a team
all we have to do is BELIEVE?

© Sherry Irvine – May 24, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Family Tree of Love

I wrap my arms around the tree
I feel it’s heartbeat inside of me
It’s love is growing as tall as can be
This beautiful tree growing inside of me

My tree is old but it still bears the fruit
The apples and oranges of human truth
It’s skin is wrinkled yet reflects my youth
Perfectly timed with my life’s commute

It’s roots run deep inside my earth
It drinks my love to ensure rebirth
This simple desire quenches my thirst
As my soul is bathed and rejoices mirth

It’s branches reach out to the sun and sky
It’s leaves gently waving hello and goodbye
Secret messages and meanings hidden inside
Each shapely leaf both narrow and wide

The leaves burst forth in the light of spring
In summer I love the shade that it brings
Bright colours fall when the leaves are dying
A blanket of snow for rest and renewing

My family and I reside inside this tree
This tree of love growing inside of me
Our state of minds refreshed from spiritual debris
Forever together we make our family tree.

©Sherry Irvine – May 16, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fine and Dandelion

Dreamy yellow flowers
A symbol of spring time
Nice and bright against the grass
Dancing for all mankind
Every child will pick you
Lovingly with mothers in mind
I see you more than just a weed
Oh I  can see the beauty you shine
Now please feed us your dandelion divine

© Sherry Irvine – May 13, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I stand at the edge of the canyon
Admiring it’s vast and grand beauty
I am humbled by it’s greatness
For I am but a Dot.
I am a Dot and so are you.

To put it in perspective:
The period at the end of your life sentence
The decimal dividing your sense.
A moment in a few billion years
A drop of water in the ocean
A grain of sand in the desert
A fragment of universal energy

Together dots can form an image
You can see it when a picture is enlarged too big
As we live on this earth right now
We are forming our collective image
Our light selves and our shadow selves
We write our history, our speck of time

We have free will with our “dotness”
All of us
Every single human being
Red, yellow, black, brown or white
We choose what we want to do

We can celebrate hate and hold grudges
We can suffer, lament and blame others for our demise
And be lazy and wait for life to come to us
We can choose to wallow in our own darkness
We can choose LOVE
Love fully with open hearts and open minds
With kindness and understanding
Forgiveness and respect - embracing our differences  
We can enjoy a full and productive life
Open our eyes and see our own beautiful light

Today I choose LOVE
For I am a Dot and free to choose
And so are you

© Sherry Irvine – May 4, 2011