Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WHAT IF.....

A backpack filled
Blood has spilled
People can’t hear
They only see fear
A human insane
Has caused the rain
What we have seen
Seems so extreme
Hearts are sad
People get mad

WHAT IF I suggested
These souls that are “dead”
Made a pact with the One
To show us the work
That needs to be done
To wake us
To shake us
Look deeper than blood
The flower IS inside the bud

WHAT IF it means
We'd be free
Together as One community
To protect each other
To fix our errors
Renewed, refreshed
Take a deep breath
Surrounded by love
From the One above
Open our eyes
Look deep inside
We are not perfect
So much to correct
We are human
And we should act like One

WHAT IF we gathered
With love abound
Hear the sounds
See the light
Forget the fight
Open our hearts
It’s a start
Forgive the pain
Enjoy the mundane
Take care of each other
Like sisters and brothers

What would it be like?
A life without strife...
Food to eat
A place to sleep
Wars have ceased
Replaced with peace
We are One as a team
all we have to do is BELIEVE?

© Sherry Irvine – May 24, 2011

1 comment:

  1. What if's of tomorrow's not of yestedays, I understand what you mean, if so many can see that what if's can really be~and truly believe~loved it..how we relate my new friend..what was is now between you and me~loveya