Friday, January 21, 2011


I was listening to Funky Friday's on my favourite radio station and a thought popped into my head.    Remember the old show Soul Train?   The beautiful dark skinned people doing the Boogie Woogie dancing to all the funk and disco songs?  Here's my funky white girl spiritual take:

I hop on board the Soul Train
Down the aisles I go
Looking for my special seat
To rest my weary prose

I find my seat,  I choose to sit
I think I'll sit awhile
After a short nap, I awaken
To people dancing in the aisles!

Sitting on the sidelines
Doesn't get me anywhere
I get up and get my groove on
Swingin' out my fine blond hair

The music is hypnotic
I want to shake my groove
My aura bumps your aura
In an attempt to make my move

Our energies connected
My heart feels the beat
Can you feel the funky music?
Feel the souls of your feet?

My hands and feet start movin'
I'm groovin to life's funky tune
I'm dancin' and a groovin' all the way
And looking right at YOU!

We are on the Soul Train
Dancing down the aisles
You choose, I choose
To groove the heavenly miles

Sherry Irvine - January 21, 2011

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  1. I love the last line, groove the heavenly miles.
    A nice journey that works both souls/soles~

  2. Cool image of commuters groovin' in the aisles:) Welcome to Poets United!

  3. such a happy poem! :D "my heart feels the beat" :) xo

  4. I'm heading to the lounge,
    For a drink I can scrounge,
    You're still in your groove,
    Making move after move after move,
    But after I get cooled down,
    Perhaps I'll go another round,
    Of dancin' in the aisle,
    Always with lots of style,
    And then to the observation car,
    Heaven can't be that far,
    Just keep playing that funky refrain,
    While travelin' on the soul train.