Friday, January 21, 2011

The Fog Horn

I remember as a little girl
no more than 8 or 9
travelling with my Nana
when summers were long
and days were full of time

We happened to be in Sydney
The place where I was born
I would wake up every morning
to the sound of the big Fog Horn


I wondered what this sound was
so I asked my Nana to explain
she told me it was a Fog Horn
to keep the ships at bay


She took my hand and off we went
on this foggy morn
Maybe we'd find the lighthouse
where the Fog Horn noise was born


The smell of the ocean was very strong
I could smell the salt and fish
it was still rather foggy
so I played on the rocks for a bit.


The sound of the Fog Horn was haunting
as I played upon the rocks
the memory of it warms me now
as I remember this childhood thought


Later in the  morning
the fog had cleared away
revealing itself to a
beautiful summer's day

A little girl and her Nana
would take the day to play
to find the special lighthouse
where a Fog Horn memory lays.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely!
    You captured not only the Sydney scene, but also the deep relationship with Nana.