Monday, January 10, 2011

Black Velvet

I am sitting on the edge
Somewhere where I shouldn’t be
It is foolish of me I know
But I do it anyway

The wake of another
Forces me to fall.
Initially it is cold
It’s grasp is sure and forceful
It wants me.
Pulling me into depths unknown to me

I try to reach the top
But I can’t seem to reach far enough
It’s cool velvety arms embrace me
It’s blackness takes my breath away

I hear the muffled cries of children
This is certainly not my intention
But there is nothing I can do now
Only know that I did my best

I know I will not be forgotten
My daughter will keep me alive
Her words will comfort the others
As I ascend toward the light
That I now call my home.


  1. That's dark and sad, if I've read it correstly. Great imagery and I like the idea of you living on through your daughter's words.

  2. This is very dark but with a subtle touch of hope in concluding lines...Very touching write.

  3. beautifully said about sadness.
    welcome to JP and thanks for sharing.


  4. Once I was there, sinking, and I felt at peace. A hand grabbed my arm and I was rescued. Your poem reminded me of one memory tucked away.