Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Mag 50 - inspiration picture provided by http://magpietales.blogspot.com/

A woolen blanket is placed upon her back
Throw on the saddle, adjust the straps
I mount my horse for a winter’s ride
On a cold, frosty day for a ride outside.

Out of the barn and out in the cold
There is a wooded path I know
Turn to the right --- the path’s right there
“ttsk ttsk” I say to my beautiful mare

I feel her steady ramble underneath my seat
The feel of her movement is so very sweet
A strong gentle being riding with me
We are one with each other – we are free

We round the corner to the farmer’s field
For miles and miles the snow conceals
Last year’s crop lay brown and crisp
Frozen by Old Man Winter’s kiss

I gently pull back my horse’s reigns
“Whoa” I say as she stops in the lane
We pause a moment to feel the peace
To silence the snow beneath her feet

The trees are bare, the birds are silent
The sky is as white, the wind is dormant
It’s time to head back to the big red barn
Where inside winter is but a charm

I tugged the reigns to make the right turn
A nudge to her flank to help her spurn
“ttsk ttsk” I say to my beautiful mare
Turn to the right --- the path’s right there


  1. So lovely and evocative. You had me at "woolen".

  2. Lovely....you capture a winter ride with grace and bring in all of its wonder and beauty...bkm

  3. Wonderful take on the prompt...lovely

  4. I've ridden a few horses but never in the snow. Does fog count? The scene displayed is beautiful, the poem well written, and you stayed on the path.

  5. Oh, but I miss the winter ride, gliding in the seat so smooth, hearing the hooves pack down in snow, the ride continuing into the landscape, becoming one.

  6. A perfect way to spend a winter day.

  7. I really enjoyed this, I was on the ride with you.

  8. Wonderful, the bond between horse and rider. So well done. Welcome to Poets United:)

  9. I liked the full circle ending---returning to the almost-start of your poem.

  10. :***-)

    Must be the perfect poem at the perfect moment cos I am wiping terars off my face.

  11. well plotted tale.
    thanks for the inspirations..