Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dialogue between Lovers

Henry:  Where art thou my love?

Genevieve:  *sigh* Alas, I am but a gray shadow of my former self

Henry:  Your beauty, my heart, you have taken hold of

Genevieve:  Your love has brought me riches greater than wealth

Henry:  I beg to touch your soft brown tresses, to hold you close

Genevieve:  Fear not my love, we shall never be apart

Henry:  To be with you forever, my heart desires the most

Genevieve:  But we are imprisoned in this glass house…like window art.

Henry:  No matter…..I will stand on one leg forever to bequeath myself to thee

Genevieve:  I accept thee my beloved, as long as you stand beside me.


  1. I loved this. Nice take on the prompt. Thank you for sharing and stopping by.

  2. Nicely done, dialogue poem, Sherry.