Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Concert

I pour myself a glass of wine
Turn on my favourite music
Let the water cleanse my soul
I’m going to a concert 

Apply foundation to my face
Add some cheeky blush
Eyes are lined and lashes done
I’m going to a concert

I slip into my skinny jeans
Add a sexy top
Zip up my tall brown boots
I’m going to a concert

Sing along to all the words
Bodies moving to the music
The bass is thumping, hearts are thumping
In the middle of the concert

Lowest of the Low - April 2, 2011

Strip off the date night clothes
Let loose the swollen member
Unleash my impassioned soul
In the middle of our concert

CREDITS:  Painting by Cheryl Poulin, Ottawa, Ontario -

Copyright © Sherry Irvine – April 2, 2011

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