Friday, March 18, 2011

The Box of Time


These are more than just clippings
Carefully cut from the newspaper
They are people from my past
Family I've known forever
Friendships everlast

I keep them in this box
My memories keep them alive
I honour them with a special thought
A cherished memory, like a lovely story
I am the last one to ponder my own mortality

Sherry Irvine - March 18, 2011

Valerie Savoy is a fantastic photographer
located in Hamilton, Ontario.  She has a gift.
Thanks for allowing me to use your photo.


  1. Ponder on, and leave your footprints of poetry across the sands of time. Your words will travel miles ahead of you and others will walk in your prints, discovering the essence of that creative spark that lit the fires along the way. I am blessed just by reading your poems and floating along in your dreams, seeing with your eyes as you walk by the sea, and then basking in your warmth. Ponder on.

  2. Love the imagery...fits nicely with this one.