Monday, June 13, 2011

An Ode to Rob

I'm Geooooorgie, I am a Cat
I'm brown and like to chat
I'm loud and love a pat
I'm George and I'm all dat

I'm so graceful and refined
My purr is loud and quite divine
I swing and swagger my big behind
I'm not too fussy where I dine

The poor little chippies
And poor little mice
An unfortunate rendezvous
Has cost them their life

Their feet and tails left on his mat
Where I have made a messy splat
I'm Geooooorgie, I am a Cat
I'm George and I'm all dat


I'm George and I'll sing my song
Mice and chippies don't belong
C'mon, c'mon, sing along
C'mon, I'm George and I'm singing a song
For you....Rob.

Meow!!!  Happy Father's Day!

I love you Rob xoxo

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