Monday, October 24, 2011


I am a seed
Just like everyone else
Blinded by the darkness
In the soil that is my home

I am well taken care of
Watered with love
Nurtured with hugs
Waiting to grow

After a long long time
I finally begin to grow
First I grow a golden root
That reaches far into the earth

With my eyes still closed
I begin to feel and hear things
I hear a drum beating
I feel it singing inside me

I realize this is my heartbeat
After a long while of listening
To the song of my heart
I am overjoyed with love

I feel this warmth in the dark
I can feel it above my head
I struggle to make my way to it
And it slowly melts away my shell

With half an eye open now
My head pokes through the darkness
It is so very very bright
It’s warmth is so comforting

Every day I grow a bit more
Getting stronger and stronger
And before I know it
I am standing very tall
With my eyes fully open

I am bursting with happiness
For I have transformed
Into the beautiful flower
That I was always meant to be

© Sherry Irvine – October 24, 2011

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