Friday, June 3, 2011

Garden Fairies

There are fairies in my garden
They’re really rather small
I hear them whisper secrets
At my waterfall

Sometimes I hear them giggling
Amongst the bushes rose
Around the dogwood thicket
Tickling tiny toes

Grumpy gnomes are snoring
Inside their mushroom homes
Blushing girls and handsome boys
In their fancy clothes

They peer into my gazing balls
Up close with one big eye
Toothy grins and double chins
It seems they’re not too shy

She waltz’s with orange flowers
He salsas with impatiens
They rumba with the sunflowers
Staked along the fence

A young boy flirts with Coral Bells
He kisses her petals tender
She embraces his attentions
Until his love surrenders

They’re friendly to all the insects
They lead the choir of birds
They especially like my spider
That helps me write my words

Their pretty wings are fluttering
In the light of the golden sun
They spread their magic fairy dust
With exuberance and fun

The fairies live in my garden
How do I know they do?
As long as love resides there
They’re in your garden too.

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