Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dragon Attack

The sleepy dragon has awakened
A fire has erupted in his belly
He violently shakes
His breath quickens
His heart is beating violently
The lava starts to flow through his veins
Oh…. the burn….the burn…the burn
The burn is unbearable
He must lash out to get rid of the burn

His eyes full of daggars
He is unable to see straight
Don’t look at him….
And he doesn’t want you to anyway

So he speaks
But the words are sharp and painful
Painful to hear…painful to say
Because if he doesn’t speak
He will explode

Too late…..

The impact will cause damage
Some can be repaired….some not so lucky
He roars in anguish
His sharp claws viciously attack
The sharp tongue spews poison
Leaving scratches in the heart
Scars upon the soul
Bruises on the skin
And tears upon the face

Exhausted ….

A head full of grogginess breaks
The fog clears
And he sees what he has done
He is remorseful
In a way….
He is so tired….
Hooded eyes give way to rest
And he slips back into his slumber
Leaving me to take care of his mess.

© Sherry Carter Irvine – February 25, 2014

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