Monday, February 14, 2011

Morning Surprise

It is early in the morning
Maybe six o’clock I’d say
The beach is rather quiet
Except for the crashing waves

I slowly remove my bathing suit
My nakedness exposed to the air
I walk into the warm water
Balmy breezes tousling my hair

The water circles my ankles
It quickly reaches my knees
Until I can stand it no longer
I let the water wash all over me

The water covers my body
It caresses my weary soul
I languish in its peacefulness
Until it’s time for me to go

Out of the water and into a towel
I lay now upon my chaise
Soaking in the morning sun
Enjoying each single ray

My eyes are closed, I feel the heat
A gentle breath against my face
And then a presence very large
Is invading my private space

I open my eyes with a startle
There is a unicorn close to my face
She speaks to me in her special talk
Her name is Redeeming Grace

“I’ll take you for a magical ride
Upon this sun-kissed beach
I’ll show you things you’ve never seen
Come, come…..come ride with me”

Next I know I’m on her back
We’re galloping along the sand
She spreads her wings across the sky
As colourful as a rainbow band

Through the mountains and across the land
My arms wrapped around her neck
I see candy apple and licorice trees
The islands but a speck

I see boats afar with colourful sails
The water and sky so blue
I am enjoying my ride with Redeeming Grace
But sadly it’s time to go

She sets me down upon the ground
In a soft and gentle way
I give her a hug and kiss her goodbye
What a beautiful way to start my day

I lay now upon my chaise
Soaking in the morning sun
Enjoying each single ray
Thank you Redeeming Grace – that was so much fun.

© Sherry Irvine – February 14, 2010


  1. A delightful poem no girl could resist! And I love the name. Redeeming Grace would make for a great song title!

  2. I was at the beach at 5:30 and saw two surprises. Well, if I had actually been there I would have had something to write about. Fun poem and well written.

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