Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Visit

Along the coast is a small shanty town
Enchanting scenes are all around
The waves are crashing along the shore
Cobblestone streets lined with tiny stores
The smell of the salt air tickles my nose
It’s misty, cold and damp through my clothes
I make my way to the Fish ‘n Chips shop
To the two-bedroom apartment situated on top
A young girl I know and her man live up there
I open the door and go up the flight of stairs

The place is quaint but it is quite small
Yellow paint is peeling on all the walls
The floors are hardwood, worn and old
But it’s warm and cozy when it gets cold.
Chenille blankets decorate each bed
Bright and cheerful with colourful thread
A fireplace in the corner, a weaving loom
A blue velvet sofa is in the living room
An antique table with four wood chairs
A bowl on the table with apples and pears
You can see the ocean from their window
It’s secrets, stories within it’s dark indigo

She sits in a chair to warm by the fire
Humming a song, a tune she admires
The kettle is boiled for a hot cup of tea
She smiles a lot because she is happy
Soup on the stove, its aroma fills the air
The baby cries now…there, there, there
Her daughter now rests upon her hip
Loving comfort words reach her lips
Kisses against a chubby cheek
Rubbing the soles of her little feet
Hugs and kisses make it all right
She’s so sweet, the dear little sprite.

Her man works hard, they don’t have much
She looks after the home and other stuff
There is food on the table every day
They are content despite what people say
We share some words and a cup of tea
It’s nice to see her and she embraces me
I am satisfied she is safe and sound
She appears to be on solid ground
As long as she’s happy, I’m happy too
I hope to visit again, sometime very soon
Now it’s time to go and be on my way
I put on my coat, I’ll be back some day.

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